Neo-Soul sensation Prayersoul drops a new video, takes off on Tour of Europe

Neo-Soul artist Prayersoul Mtamangira has silently slipped through a dope new music video titled Fix Me ahead of his tour of Germany and Scotland which started yesterday.

The supertalented guitarist, composer, storyteller is one of the most talented Zimbabwean musicians who has produced some of the finest musical artworks since 2012 and hoisted the country‘s flag high on his numerous and regular international tours.

Prayersoul (Source _ Prayersoul website)

Flying on the same radar with the Victoria Falls band Mokoomba, Prayersoul has made a global footprint and continues to break new barriers.

His self titled album Prayersoul released in 2012 is still sounding fresh and last year he released another album titled While I Was Away which was a combination great artistry and pure magic.

Even more Prayersoul has added color to this repertory through tours in Germany with Jamaram, performing at the iconic Venice Biennale in Italy, sharing his work in Edinburgh, Scotland to coming back to the region and gracing stages in South Africa, Malawi and Namibia, not to mention the countless festivals, shows, weddings and corporate events he performs at, at home.

Prayersoul is a true performer his ability to connect and engage with the audience is overwhelmingly impressive. As a solo performer with voice and guitar he connects intimately, it’s always a journey but wait until you experience him with a full band, it gets bigger and better, his charisma becomes the fabric that holds it all together making it more than just a performance but an experience.

PrayerSoul runs an interesting music initiative called the POP-UP GUITAR CLASS WITH PRAYERSOUL which is a mobile and flexible guitar and soon to be music and perfomance academy.

Apart from teaching guitar part time, Prayersoul extends his influence to help orphans and orphanage homes with his philanthropic drive through The Prayersoul Foundation. “If I can reach just one more person to let them know that they can, then I’ve been a huge success”- Prayersoul


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