Josh Meck’s Fruit Salad a complete meal.

One of Zimbabwe’s finest bass guitarist and Jazz musician Josh Meck has just served Fruit Salad. The new album was launched on Friday In Harare to a thrilled audience.

By Tarie Eva

When one hears the words fruit salad they often quickly refer to something to eat ,this time around its a different. Its food for the ear and only good music.

Josh Meck is one man you want to find on your playlist, literally its a must to have his music in your library. Having started his musical career over 15 years ago when he was still in high school playing for artists like Pastor G, Prince Mafukidze, Cde Fatso’s Chabvondoka then moved on to session for Jazz artists like Tanga Wekwa Sando, Victor Kunonga and the list is endless.

During the different band experiences Josh horned and perfected his musical abilities.

Josh Meck performing on Friday, image: Josh Meck

I caught up with him and we spkoke on his up recently released 3rd album Fruit Salad. Why Fruit Salad l asked? He simply said his album has 8 tracks all in different genres which are house, katekwe, Latin music and other genres making this some good fruits to make an exceptional salad.

He also roped in the likes of Tytan and Nonto on collaborations. The album is a jam and the title befits the package. Well picked cherries that will put you in a hype, combined with some appetising slow jams.

True to the popular saying, Josh has matured like wine. Now that the salad is served, its upon the fans to enjoy and hopefully soon another project possibly the ‘main meal’ will be served.

“Last night was amazing! Congrats to Josh Meck on the launch of his 3rd Album Fruit Salad. 8 tracks, 8 different genres ndiwo huFruit Salad wacho” remarked Marshall Shonhai an activist and one of the fans who attended the launch.

You can get the album on Itunes. Link below

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