Gullyview Records’ Touchline riddim ushers in new great talent

One can never talk of Reggae, Dancehall in Zimbabwe without mentioning New Generation. The legendary sound system birthed in the late 80s by UK based promoter and disc jockey Alfred Munhenga together with his siblings Oliver “General O” and “Slaughter G” Gumisai has maintained its reign well past the sound system era into the Zimdancehall phase through their Gullyview Records set in Glen-View 8.

By Plot Mhako

General O, Plot Mhako , Slaughter G

The recording label manned by producer Mobstar a super talented creative together with his bosses General Oliver and Slaughter G has been unearthing a lot of new talent and also pushing established artists.

Gullyview producer Mobstar

Last week GullyView Records dropped a charged Touchline Riddim. The riddim, a mix bag of new and established artists is a masterpiece made with great precision and rooted to the original Ragga sound.

Topping the list of great chanters on the project are Chatzman, Faceless, Saco Tee, Angry Octan .

Dr Titanic featuring Benix catch up on the new trend of featuring apostolic melodies to Zimdancehall tunes and they did it so well that you feel so blessed after playing the song.

Mufakose based dancehall king Dobba Don brings magic as he dabbles versatility on the touchline proving why he always gets the top striker’s jersey. Listening to his song Manna Dweet you can easily mistake him for Jamaica’s Ward 21 yet its one person playing with his vocal prowess on the mic.

“Never, never, Ever na Diva, muchadya ne Liver” roars Mr Nice Time one of the most talented artists i have ever known long before Zimdancehall had a name. The star hailing from Bindura is a natural flow, music runs in his veins and it is not too long until his star finally shines.

Then there is one Organised, the boy is a lyrical mortar mouth. He runs the mic like he was born in the studio. Organised is a true testimony to the work being done by Gullyview in identifying and promoting new talent.

Even the carrot vendor turned musician Rasta MaCarrots could not be outdone as he waxed lyrical echoing his determination to keep moving forward and make it in life. Crying for the Almighty to rein in in the ghetto and redeem the society, MaCarrots lashes out at fake hypocrites who give plastic smiles yet deep inside they dont wish anyone well.

What is mindblowing about this Riddim is how new artists pulled it way better than most established artists. Loaded with 28 tracks, Touchline is a hit and i hope radio djs will find an appetite for this great music, if not then no doubts the streets will love this.

NewGeneration continues to push frontiers back at home and in the UK, in the promotion of local music and artists through different platforms and events. Soon the UK chapter will be hosting the annual Zim Cup Clash Uk in Leicester whilst at home tonight they perform at the Killer T album launch in Harare.

King Alfred

Until we get another production from Gullyview, stay on the touchline and dont touch that dial.


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