Freeman and Lady Squanda rekindle the chemistry and go retro in Bhaisikopo

The dancehall doctor Freeman has renewed his longtime musical affair with former HKD Queen Lady Squanda in new video titled Bjaiskopo.

In 2012 the two released Ndakuvara neshungu a song that soon became a national anthem and a flagship for the Dzivarasekwa label HKD. The two were inseparable on stage as they built formidable combination but years later its believed the rise of DaRuler disrupted the equation fuelling suggestions and talk that the two had fallen out of favor, however, the recent project has proven critics wrong.

Shot in Johannesburg, the new video brings out a retro feel to both the dressing and setting. This time around in a low tempo Oskid produced beat, the two gel so well as they take turns to express affection to each other.

Enjoy the video and stay plugged to Earground for all the latest Zimbabwean music.


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