After squeezing for a night, the source to finally drop Vimbai’s saucy video

“After a nasty night….. I can safely say #hapanakwaunoenda will be out tomorrow as promised,” screamed Netherlands songstress based Vimbai Zimuto.

Could this video be worth the fight and highly anticipated wait? Well, its less than 24 hours to go. The taste of the pudding is in the eating and soon Vimbai will be serving us her latest offering titled Hapanakwaunoenda.

Judging from the snippets the artist has been sharing for weeks now, its most likely the video will disrupt the creative discourse in Zimbabwe and torch a series of flames and heated debate. Clad in skimpy lingerie and at times posing in near nude with her hands covering the essentials, could Vimbai have crossed the moral line or its creativity?

Vimbai Zimuto

Will the highly conservative Zimbabwean audience easily stomach whats about to come their way? Already her snippets posts have attracted contrasting responses with some of the following comments:

The song was produced by Spencer Masango and the video was shot by great videographer Simba Gee with whom Vimbai seem to have had a nasty fall out over another video and the recovery of the material from a crashed hard drive and the drama went on, spilling on to the microblogging site Facebook until this morning when she announced an amicable resolution has been reached and the sauce is now dropping tomorrow as promised.

Vimbai Zimuto _ scene from the forthcoming video

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