T.Fab goes unplugged, waxes lyrical on the ghetto youth’s hustle & struggle

In the midst of all the hullabaloo, mudslinging and vitriol around sentiments made on social media by some ill-mouthed Hararians over their perceived image and despise for the ghetto youth, one hip-hop artist Lazarus Tawanda Zindoga going by the name T.Fab has coincidentally dropped a video filled with rhyme and reason.

Kwandinobva directed by Nyasha Zuze for Motion Zebra the video is a ghetto youth’s prayer for good and opportunity. In the song, T.Fab speaks about the negative impression a stereotyping ghetto youths face despite putting in a legit hustle and grind to make ends meet. The artist is very talented and knows how to spit truth and flow at the same time. 

Well shot and graded to greyscale, the clear-cut visuals mirror real life in the ghetto.

Here is the video, Enjoy and stay grounded.


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