A quick peep into what Takura is brewing

Soon the HIFA season is upon us. Will he be on the program? Last year I was furious on why Takura didn’t get the stage on the big Hifa festival. I hope this year he will be on it.

Takura is one guy who has got the perfect balance between rap n’ melody and his live set is impeccable. If you watch his recently released videos from the AUX1 Live Sessions you will quickly agree with me.

By Tarie Eva

Takura’s music has evolved with time from days he used to be part of SoulAfrika .

Well, let’s talk about his forthcoming project SHTDi Playlist and what we can expect!

I just had a brief talk with him on his upcoming 1st album ” yes” the first album and l think its going to blow people’s minds, with 18 songs on it can only mean its got a song for everyone.

Big collaborations to look out for are with versatile and talented rapper Jnr brown. There there is CciCci and IARE who will make the album even more appealing to the listeners.

It got me thinking and appreciating how the man is up with his grind or hustle.

His sense for brand commercializing has become the norm for Takura and is starting to pay a dividend.  The forthcoming album is a collective effort where he worked with producers like Rayobeats, Kiva Qkill , Cog Beatz and Santilous.

Set to drop on the superstitiously dreaded April Friday the 13th its yet to be seen whether it scare listeners or win hearts of many.

We also spoke about the upcoming documentary and he only managed to say, “My story is to give hope I didn’t just wake a star there are some struggle I encountered and l want to give hope.” A few artists in Zimbabwe have managed to document their life and career stories and with some falling into oblivion the moment they don’t have a hit or pass on.

Expect something good indeed and remember someone has to do it and Takura is doing it.

Here is a trailer from the doci


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