Gze _ Gaya _ Video _ Zimbabwean artists bask in free speech after Mugabe

Rapper GZE rhymes bold and candid about the Zimbabwe every young person in the country dreams of and desires to see. The original song samples a chorus from Tanzanian star Roma titled Zimbabwe another politically charged song.
In the past, it was difficult for artists let alone hip-hop heads to freely sing about socio-economic and political issues and the song represents the newly found freedoms in Zimbabwe since the fall of former president Robert Mugabe in November of 2017.
Gze’s track Gaya is for Zimbabweans across the world, it is more of a compilation of scenes and moments that EVERY Zimbabwean yearns for across Colour, Creed and or Political beliefs, it is a call for UNITY as we move from THOUGHTS (kuGAYA) into action to make Zimbabwe truly ZIMBABWE.
Real name Resilience Chekera is a former member of Trinity group and has been part of many successful collaborative songs.
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