Bekezela _ A Zimbabwean star shining from Mzansi

Afro/ World/ Soul Artist Bekezela Nkomo was born in Bulawayo in Zimbabwe. He discovered his love for music in his early years through his grandparents being ministers, having choirs and musicians playing in church. In 2008 Bekezela moved to South Africa to pursue his music career in Johannesburg, and for many years he struggled to record his music.

Last year he dropped this beautiful song and video and its surprising how the radar missed this classic. 

In 2010, while doing a part- time job digging a trench in Sandton he composed the song Bekezela. “Bekezela is a cry form a young man who is in a long distant relationship due to circumstances out of his control” says the artist. Bekezela is an emotional song depicting true love and trust through the reassurance that one day soon, no boarders this young man and his faraway love apart.

Bekezela’s character is one of true character building, taking him from trench digger to car-washer to waitering. His story is an inspiration to all musicians who travel the timeline of never really knowing when their talent will be recognized by their peers and the public. It’s now Bekezela’s time to shine and for all to celebrate some amazing songs that have stood the test of time.

His new self-titled album Afro/ World/Soul album offering social commentary with each song written by the artist telling his story of struggles and triumphs. The album in its entirety oozes love, affection and therapy. He speaks to his fellow man, praising women,and through his ability of telling stories he uses this talent as a tool to fight for social justice as well as encouraging cultural revival.

All his talents are married together perfectly to give a peak into his past, present, aspirations and dreams both for South Africa and his home town… this is his story… and everyone’s story. In 2017, after being nominated for his debut album, Bekezela travelled back home for the #AsanteSana tour, thanking his hometown for supporting him. Taking
home his first award for the Best Afro Soul Song at the Skyz Metro Awards, Bekezela is excited for what 2018 brings.

Part Source: Muthaland