Why is Zimbabwe sleeping on these two international stars?


Why Zimbabwe is sleeping on these stars is shocking to the core. For a nation that easily gets frenzied and hysterical around any artist with the slightest connection to the country, these two should definitely drive everyone nuts.

Written by> Plot Mhako

Ever heard of the names Shungudzo and Bantu? Well, possibly the later but not in relation to music. These two names represent one of our most significant global footprint music wise. Having worked together on Roll With Me last year which i am sure could have passed through your eyes but with not much detail as to who are the people behind it.

The highly captivating but simple video was mainly shot in Harare’s high-density neighborhoods and with snippets from Cape Town. With a moving and real narrative of the ordinary Zimbabwean life coupled with epic dance moves from Zimdancehall’s Flying Angels crew a Clarks group from Kuwadzana.

Here is the link to Roll with me by Bantu ft Shungudzo.

Well, back to the artists and their new offering titled Just a Little which dropped today. Forget the title, the song carries so much weight and is too compelling to the ear.

Another video from the two artists// 

Tinashe Sibanda is a Zimbabwean born and raised music producer cum artist who uses the name Bantu when singing and T Collar when producing. The Los Angeles based producer who has worked on productions for Chris Brown, Rita Ora, Pitfall and many other international artists had a Grammy nomination to his name for the song Body On Me by Rita Ora and Chris Brown.


OkayAfrica describes him as “Zimbabwe’s answer to Major Lazer”

The Huffington Post went on to suggest that T Collar has not been getting much sleep since he left his hometown in Zimbabwe (Zim), to pursue the music industry in Los Angeles.

His new track features Shungudzo a Zimbabwean / French / Native-American singer-songwriter Shungudzo Kuyimba and is set to make global waves.


Born and raised in Zimbabwe, Shungudzo is a strikingly original songwriter, a self-taught musician, and poet with a backstory as unique as her artistry.

Shungudzo Kuyimba

Sungudzo < > Source Shungudzo FB

Shungudzo is a very versatile artist with a unique voice which sounds helium-high at the same time, mixing the range of mellow and pop music. The Broadway reports that Music and poetry have been Shungudzo’s means of challenging perspectives since she was a child. Raised in Zimbabwe, where much of her extended family still lives in the rural areas.

A Stanford University civil engineering and sociology graduate who realized her real passion for music after moving to the United States and today she is carving a name abroad and in no time her name will be one everyone’s lips and voice on every ear back home in Zimbabwe.

#Earground will keep you posted on the two’s separate music ventures and any future collaborations. Keep your Ear Grounded

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NEW SONG// Just a Little by Bantu ft Shungudzo