10 Most Emerging Artists to Watch in 2018

2018 is going to be an exciting year, politically but also musically. Last year Jah Prayzah, Ammara Brown, Andy Muridzo and Winky D dominated but interestingly the scene is bursting at seems with amazing new and already existing talent, most of which is ready to bloom and blossom. Whilst the number is even bigger, here is a list of some of the 10 artists to look forward to this year (in no particular order).

By Plot Mhako



Versatile, talented instrumentalist, vocalist, and composer hailing from Norton. A former member of a band called Tsvete. Mbeu’s star has been shining since the day he decided to start his own band Mhodzi Tribe. Having passed through the hands of the living legend Tuku you can get a picture of the gem he is. No doubt 2018 is his year to shine.



Caroleen Nqobile Masawi known on stage as Masa is a fast-rising Zimbabwean guitarist, songwriter, and singer. She is possibly the most diverse musician in Zimbabwe with her songs traversing between Rock, House, Jazz, and Blues all within her African roots.She classifies her music as World Music. Masa’s leathery warm and captivating voice and lyrics are drawn from Life’s experiences. Masa started performing solo shows at the now-defunct Book Cafe’s FLAME platform. The songbird is a ball of fire on stage. Her ability to switch from uptempo to mellow swings is captivating. Word says she is working on dope new projects for 2018 that will place her on the national radar.

Terry Afrika


An Afro-pop artist whose elastic voice will draw you closer to emotion or put you in a trance. Terry Afrika landed on the scene on a collabo with Tocky Vibes and Pah Chihera but was soon to prove that he is his own man and is going far on this musical journey. With a couple dope tracks to his name, the artist. His lyrics are fascinating and purposeful along with a number of punchy phrases.

Nina Grande


Real name Olga Josphats. Write down this name and message me in December. Iam sure by then you will be in agreement with me. Nina is rare! A dexterous lyricist who can easily flow the Hip-hop or Dancehall way. She is extraordinary and displays a lot of defiance in her voice and message.  #Earground will hunt her down and give you more on what she is up to for 2018.

Mwenje Mathole 


Liberty Mwenje Mathole is an artist from Zimbabwe hailing from Gweru. Liberty is a vibrant musician who employs his original composition formula #mamGJoa to create music without limit to styles of traditional, current or future art hegemonies. His voice and compositions ooze with maturity, a total contrast to his young age. Having done several singles, Earground is informed that the artist is working on his debut album which will definitely shake the market and give him the long overdue breakthrough.

Aki li


If you thought hip-pop is dying in Zimbabwe you need to listen to Akili. Tapiwa Matavire, not sure if related to the late great Paul. If so then the traits of great musical heritage are written all over. His single last year shot to the top of the radio chart shows and stayed afloat for a while. He is definitely one guy to look forward to in 2018. I have no doubt soon his name will be appearing on posters soon.

Sheara di Man


Chillspot Records is notorious for unleashing new great Zimdancehall talent and they are back at it again with a new discovery. Sheara do Man is gifted with a natural, original dancehall flow sure to get many hooked. The international Riddim magazine had this to say, “He has serious potential to be a Zim Dancehall global legend”. No doubt Sheara is a star and he will own 2018 if singles he just dropped are anything to go by. Another product of Tuku’s home town of Norton.



Talk of new school hip hop, one artist has managed to master the craft so perfectly. Hilary Chipunza the Cape Town-based Zimbabwean hip-hop sensation is a MUST LISTEN to even for non-hip-hop heads.  The 23-year-old artist is carving a name in showbiz through his sensational RnB music with a unique tangy taste of Hip Hop to it. A flawlessly flowing vocalist. His music is self-composed and most of it self-produced. If Radio stations in Zimbabwe are to start playing more local hip-hop music I have no doubt this name will rise to the top of the most sought after. The musician is signed to Adidas as a brand ambassador.

Nicky Vybz 

maxresdefault (10)

He got his first fame through after a freestyle video went viral on social media a few weeks ago. Since then the boy has hit the road running from one studio to the other, dropping punchline loaded jams. The silver-tongued dancehall star is one artist to certainly keep eyes and ears on. With a fearless voice and a calm but jovial face, Nicky looks boldly determined for the throne. Time will tell.



She came, she hit us with Ncosasa and went quite! I am sure she is up to something dope. Her track from last year left us yearning for more and I hope soon she will quench our thirst. The house queen knows how to put melody and groove in one place. She leased our ears to her voice and I hope she will come and occupy the void this year.



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