Willis Wataffi _ Nhema

Willis Wataffi is back and with a bang. The Afro-fusion artist who rose to fame as part of Afrika Revenge has dropped a single titled Nhema the forthcoming EP Uhuru / Independence album 2018. The song is loaded with uncut truths laced with well-crafted Jazz melody. Its definitely going to make waves both on radio and on the streets.

A deep social commentary that touches on the realities in today’s society on moral, relationships and truths. A quick listen to the song will get you hooked on the lead guitar and elusive backing vocals. Willis did not disappoint as he waxes lyrical in his native Kore-Kore dialect. Nhema is a close shot at filling the void left by Wanga.

After all the bombardment from the ever-hyped Zimbabwean music, one needs this kind of jam to sooth the soul and reconnect to music that speaks to the soul.

Stay grounded and Enjoy!


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