Ryan-lee Kelly _Is You (video)

Ryan Kelly aka R-Tells hails from Kariba, Zimbabwe. In 2014 just after completing high school, as an adventurous young man, Ryan moved to Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Poland and other European countries and the burden to establish himself as a musician was heavy on his mind and shoulders.

In 2015, Ryan finally moved to Canada to study Law at the University of British Columbia which he did for 2 years before dropping out to pursue a career in music. Drawing attention and recognition of 2Track one of the best producers in Toronto, while doing freestyle to one of his beats in the studio. This made 2Track to offer him free recording time marking the beginning of his music journey. Ryan wrote and recorded a song entitled COLD produced by 2Track, the song is currently performing very well on one of the biggest radio stations in Canada G94.5 FM.

Ryan is a versatile artist who can sing, rap, songwriting and playing instruments, as well as an energetic performer. His stage name R-Tells came about as a result of the nature of his music which is storytelling in nature from his life experience. It is because of his undiluted love of his beloved country that made his return home and work on his first debut album with a local producer. His goal and ambition is to find a place in his home country’s local market before breaking out into the international market.

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