Sylent Nqo _ Mubvunzo

Zimbabwean “International” award-winning self-taught guitarist, multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter born in 1994 who’s artistic process started as a child when his parents noticed his love for music. A multi-talented instrumentalist who has featured on numerous high flying projects including the recent offering by Jah Prayzah and Jah Cure.

Last year Sylent was riding on the wave of his duet with Reverb 7 titled Ziguvhu and later released Ndokuridzira Gitare produced by Mboks. On his latest offering, Nqo proves he is here for the long haul and determined to mesmerize the world with his soothing and at times fast-paced jams.

If you wish to take a break from the hype with less substance that has often characterized the local musical space for a while now, then Mubunzo is a song for you. Mibvunzo the single is a song about people that have been through hardship and are asking God, “Seiko hupenyu huchioma kudai” – meaning {why is life so hard sometimes} and seeking an answer. The song flows deep, touching the soul whilst arousing innermost thoughts and profound. It will definitely move the hearts of many. It deals with realities that every Zimbabwean faces, asks questions and leaves you thinking more.

Mature sounding, superbly crafted. I have no doubt the artist took his time to compose and create. The production will no doubt reaffirm his musical heavyweight footing.


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