DJ Mega ushers in a fresh wave of Dancehall with Swagarific (Video)

DJ Mega ushers in a fresh wave of Dancehall with Swagarific . Rising artist Dj Mega T has ushered in a fresh sound of urban dancehall with the release of his single Swagerific featuring musician Poptain.

By Michael Shoko

The project which comes under AfricanFire AF Media is set to ignite a new wave of Pop music as the Dj promises creative works. AfricanFire AF Media has produced some of the best videos including Tamy Beautiful Ndozvandiri, Wachu Want – Ammara Brown ft. Chengeto amongst others.

The song Swagarific transports one into to summer festival mood with its easy-listening and danceable hook which was delivered by Poptain.

Swagarific combines a touch afro-beats, Reggae and elements of pop music to come up with a splendour of a jam that will definitely dominate the charts and clubs. The singer shows off his trilingual skills, switching between predominantly English and drops of Shona and Ndebele

“DJ Mega is both a DJ and a music producer who started doing music in 2013 when l was a lower 6 student and from there I have been perfecting my craft working with different artists,” said DJ Mega.

The 24-year-old producer is working on his debut album titled *The Orchard* which is t be released in April. The album will feature Nutty O, Poptain, Dobba Don, Mobie, Muffa, Wedande, Soulz Doc and Chengeto Brown on last the track which is the only left to complete the project.



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