15 Talented ZimDancehall artists who never really blew up

ZimDancehall still remains the most popular music genre in Zimbabwe despite the declining momentum. It has seen the birth of new music stars, one hit wonders, a few managed to maintain their consistency and remain relevant to date. Well, a great number of very talented artists never really saw their day and they might have missed their turn or maybe their day will come soon. #EARGROUND looks at some of the very talented artists whose stars never really shined to the fullest.

By Plot Mhako

Da Ruler


Not only Zimdancehall but one of the best female artists in Zimbabwe. DaRuler’s vocal prowess is compelling to the ear. Despite releasing several great songs of her own and featuring on many other the HKD first lady remains bubbling under the radar. She deserves a spot up there!


maxresdefault (1)

There are times when you start thinking an artist is cursed! Such can be assumed about Celscius. He has been in the game for a while and remains one of the best vocalist whose ability to flow and switch over from hardcore dancehall to soothing reggae is amazing. Why he remains underground, grounded or on the ground is hard to explain. Maybe its attitude blocking his altitude! We hope the Norton based artist will finally see his day on the national stage soon.

Jerry B


Very few Zimdancehall artists have managed to chant yet remaining rooted to the traditional Zimbabwean sound and Jerry B is one who glides easily. If you are to play his old music today you will be left wondering why Radio or the streets never got hooked. As the hype around Zimdancehall will one day subside and the real talent remains on top, Jerry B is one of those artists you can expect.

Tally B

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 5.55.05 PM.png

A lyrical lieutenant whose command for social commentary stands tall. Tally B’s music has defied critics who normally throw scorn at ZimDancehall for lacking a positive message. With several hits that topped national charts, the talented singer remains obscured. A proclaimed king in Mabvuku/Tafara, it is yet to be seen if he can seize the bigger crown which perfectly fits on his head. Hopefully, his latest single collection Robocop will redeem and propel him.



A gold in the rough from Kwekwe. The young man has been releasing great music since day one, sadly the Djs are sleeping on him. Maybe the proverb “Sango rinopa waneta” will come true to his musical quest. With a great following in his hometown and areas around, Kilamani’s voice is too good to remain stuck in a small place.



If you thought this boy rose to fame simply out of his young age you are mistaken. Spiderman comes from a creative family and music runs in his blood. One of the youngest musical sensations at the peak of Zimdancehall. Whats strikingly interesting is his high creative intelligence, deep understanding of social issues and his ability to flow in clear meaningful patois. Lets assume school took most of his time and hope he will hit a major rebound on the musical space soon.



Undoubtedly a musical genius. Most people will remember him for taking shots at Winky D whom he idolized and pledged allegiance to, but a dig into his discography you will easily be convinced that he is naturally gifted and not average. His major shortfall has been wanting to be a copycat and so people preferred the original. We hope that now he has broken ranks with his former clan he can be his own man and rise.



Take away the riddim and hear him sing you will still feel the rhythm. Maggikal is magic that went lyrical. The streets reverberate to his music and love him but radio seems to never appreciate this talent. A polished act who delivers both on and off stage. We hope to see him scale the ladder on to the big stage.

Jah Bless


May Jah bless this man. He has survived two musical generations but still treated as an average. From Tavonga as part of the 3 Wiseman during the Urban Grooves era, his quest for musical wisdom and glory did not pay off deservingly. Now cutting a solo career and positioning himself as an unparalleled entertainer, Jah Bless’s arrival time has long since passed and its about time the “upcoming artist” tag drops and big things pop for him.


Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 7.22.41 PM.png

Forget the noise and all the wannabe sounding chanters! Here is one artist who will silence your doubts about the future of Dancehall and Reggae in Zimbabwe. Bryan K will describe her as a Heavy machine because she is loaded with talent and a great voice.

Dadza Dmaxresdefault (7)In his hometown, they call him Fire Coloso. He is the King of Chitungwiza. One of the most spirited live performers in Zimbabwe. His live act will give you wings the RedBull way. Ever since he started recording music the quick-witted Dadza D has been firing lyrical missiles exposing deep and serious social ills bedeviling the society earning him an army of fans around the country. Sadly you can barely see his name at major concerts and radio has little love for him.



maxresdefault (3)Well, the church ‘terminated’ his rise! The half man, the half-machine artist can best be described as a firecracker that got wet and never fired. We will not forget what you did at Sting. We certainly keep the faith that the once supercharged dancehall champ can return to innocence and claim his space.

Queen Kadja

maxresdefault (5).jpg

The queen has never moved her foot off the pedal. She has kept moving even in the dark and if she doesn’t get tired she will be in the spotlight soon.

Ras Caleb


The rascal dread had the clearest opportunity since Tokwe Mukosi having touched the hearts of the entire nation in a time of need. Sadly he seems not to realize and utilize his God-given talent fully. Maybe its too soon to rule him out! Caleb will be blessed for his faithfulness and patience. He can be an encouragement to us to believe that our time will never pass.

Dr Abuja

maxresdefault (4)

Still wondering why the music doctor never got certified! Very talented but seem not to go anywhere with his music. He represents a legion of many other artists who have not been treated well by the very competitive, easily obsessed and quickly disloyal Zimbabwean music space.





  1. I wish you would do an article about Gweru music and artists why they havent been recognised but still its the best when you can have djs like Tamuka,Oskid and Simplex coming from the city even artist like Pied Piper, Ras Killer ,Cee y and Judah B that are talented given the spotlight they will take the crown and Bring it to Gweru to my understanding it Harare dancehall not Zim dancehall


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