Ruva Ngwenya_ Sweat (Video)

Who is this girl? Ruva Ngwenya is a Zimbabwean artist based in Australia. The musician who has been tearing up stages across Australia since she decided music is what she was born to do. She was a leading character in the Australian Tour of THE LION KING where she performed in all major cities to over 150,000 people! Other shows include WE WILL ROCK YOU & DUSTY.
Coming from a jazz background she has loved playing smaller intimate gigs around Melbourne at some of its top venues.


The long anticiapted Single S.W.E.A.T (acronym for Strength, Wisdom, Evolve, Acceptance & Truth) is a track close to the heart for Melbourne Artist and singer/songwriter Ruva. She explores heavy and relevent themes while keeping things simple light hearted and relateable.

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