AKILIZ PARODY starring Bhutisi ,Maggie, Boss Kedha ,Gonyeti

Akiliz parody too lit! “Rib-tickling & full of wow! This video has just done a mouth to mouth resuscitation on the 2017 Hit song Akiliz done by Ammara Brown and produced by Dj Tamuka and Take Fizzo.

After the song and artist missed a deserved gong at NAMA 2017, Bustop TV, PO BOX & Dreamstate team up and just gave a befitting tribute to the monster track. Comics Bhutisi, Maggie, Boss Kedha and Gonyeti did justice on the miming, dance, and acting. They literary killed Akiliz. So much sauce, juice, and milk in the video. In 24hours the video had received 12 000 views on youtube and 44 000 views on Facebook.

You will love it. #Earground rated it 10/10/




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