Maxy Jay _ Tyoki Steady Chilla

Maxy Jay bring out the half of himself , Maxy Jay is a Chitungwiza born and bred Rapper  who came  to fame with the single Tyoki Steady Chilla which received a lot of air play on Power Fm on the Hip Hop Amplified with Promethus  and was nominated for the Chitown Music and Entertainment Awards .The China based artist speaks about  what he terms the ghetto dream , he is a gifted storyteller and bearing the skill of great word play. This is the his first full length project  which is a Mixtape containing six  tracks and freestyle the concept is to get to know his narrative and pragmatic  half . He worked with Two Producer’s Raydan and Don Stotta . Maxy Jay talks about hardwork , haters , high school  and partying just like an young man in the hood would. Tracks  like Emotions ,They Don’t Know and Put it Back convey a catalogue which is a mixed bag which has entitled the announcement of Maxy Jay to the whole  Hip Hop mainstream.

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