Ear to the Ground!

Two time award winning online media house. #Best Arts Blog _ Zimblog Awards _ 2020 | Best Online media _ ZimDancehall Awards 2019 [Plot Mhako]
Earground™ New Voices, Amplified is a new media platform for creatives seeking to give space and amplify new artistic talents. The integrated digital platform documents, profiles & celebrates mainly Zimbabwean artists, creative projects from music, dance, theater, literary, visual art, film and other artforms whilst also generating important issues.

It has an online radio, interactive video, new content promotion, social media engagement, creative dialogues, forums and sharing of vital information on the developments in the arts sector in Zimbabwe.

We host regular video interview shows with emerging artists, established creatives, industry players to give a deeper insight into their art and projects.

Earground is at the forefront of driving the critical conversations on the arts in Zimbabwe and is a credible and reliable plug for the mainstream media, artists, promoters, content creators and policymakers. With just over a year in operation, Earground is documenting, archiving hundreds of important Zimbabwean creative narratives with intriguing daily interviews, social engagements and cutting edge reviews.

Contact: info@earground.com